The Mayweather & McGregor Traveling Circus

If you haven’t been living under a rock over this past week, you would’ve seen clips of the Mayweather vs McGregor “World Tour” posted all over social media…..what the fuck was this world tour all about?

It served no purpose to the fight at all, it was essentially a travelling circus. There was no weigh-in, special annoucements or anything. It was literally Dana White booking arena’s for these two to go on stage and talk shit to each other for an hour…and like the idiots we are in society, we paid money to see this.

They brought the fighters on stage, their agents, posse’s and I even think Floyd’s daughter was on stage, just to sit there and make fun of each other like kids on a school yard or like that shitty show hosted by Nick Cannon where the rap battle/diss each other. Mayweather and McGregor are probably laughing inside at all of us because it’s so fucking dumb that people paid to see this.

This gimmick fight was promoted through a gimmick event last week and the only reason why it was done was to make money. Which is what this fight is all about. Despite who wins or loses, these two brain dead idiots are going to be richer than any of us will ever be. They may have a deflated ego but I’m sure who ever loses this fight will post a pic of stacks of money on Instagram within a week. It’s all about money and we’re stupid enough to buy it all up and fund these clowns.

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