“If You Get Swept in Cleveland, Don’t Come Back”

“If you get swept in Cleveland, don’t come back”….That is exactly what I would’ve told Dwayne Casey, DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry, if I was Masai Ujiri before they left for games 3 and 4 in Cleveland.

The Raptors are who we thought they were. They are fake tough guys who lack fight, lack a star, lack integrity and bend over to Lebron whenever the games get real. This team is no different than any other iteration that has come up to Lebron and nothing will change until this team changes. If they get swept in Cleveland (which is looking pretty likely gievn the Raps have only won once in Cleveland whenever Lebron plays), it will be the 3rd sweep to end the playoffs in 5 years. I don’t know how many chances this “Leadership Group” needs before you say you gave it your best shot, but winning wont happen with them.

Everyone said this team was the best the Raptors ever had, and the Cavs were the worst team Lebron has had since 09….yet we still look like the worst team the Raptors have ever had when we face Lebron. There is no fight, when this team gets down. DeRozan is not the “Star” that will rally the troops and dig his team out of the trenches. When the team gets down and another REAL star shines on the other team, DeRozan cowers away and blends in with the rest of the mediocrity on the floor.

“They allowed Lebron to make Toronto into a fucking meme…”

The lack of fight and character on this team in game 2 was downright embarrassing, not only as a fan to watch, but for our city. They allowed to Lebron to make Toronto into a fucking meme and the laughing stock of the internet. That is something Toronto sports fans will always have to be reminded of on the internet and when you travel to watch other sporting events. That is the Legacy of Casey, DeMar and Lowry in this city, making Toronto into the punchline of Lebron jokes. They’re even making T-Shirts in Cleveland, like fuck off man.

But if I’m Kyle and DeMar, aren’t you a little bit embarrassed? That every year it’s the same result against Lebron and you haven’t done anything to change that? Unless they defy all odds and come back to miraculously win this series, it’s time to move on from Kyle and DeMar. They aren’t getting any better and there’s only room for a certain amount of big money deals on a roster, and those two are just wasting cap space in my opinion. Get guys who take it to another level in the playoffs, not regular season all stars. If I’m Masai, I’m calling San Antonio and asking what it’ll take to get Kawhi Leonard. Name your price, starting with DeMar. Casey has now had 3 cracks to find a way to stop Lebron, and looks like he’s gotten worse at schemes as the time passes….fucking CJ Miles on Lebron? DeMar on Love? like wtf? Axe Casey, bring in Stackhouse and let him develop a young core which he already has in the G-League with 2 straight trips to the G-League Finals and one Championship. Lebron has basically ended and tainted Lowry and DeRozan’s careers in Toronto. If that doesn’t make them sick to their stomaches, then get the fuck out of this city, because that’s exactly why they will never win here. The only people on this team who will look Lebron in the eyes and tell him to fuck off are JV and FVV. They’re they only two guys in the playoffs who seem to turn it up to another level and fight until the end. Those are the guys who I want on my playoff team, not Houdini all stars who have good disappearing acts during playoffs. The Raptors don’t have the balls to come back and win this series.  It’s funny how the Raptors complained they wanted respect put on their name in the regular season, and then come playoffs and shit the bed, proving everyone why they never got, nor deserve, any respect. Oh and btw….Ibaka, if you’re going to be as useless as a construction pylon out there, at least hack Lebron and get a couple flagarants. This team has barely gotten physical with Lebron. If you’re not going to help the team on the scoreboard, then at least fuck with the other team. In case you missed them, here are some of those memes:







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