Guess What? Athletes Are Allowed Political Opinions Too #ThoughtsFromTheJohn

Thoughts From The John #TFTJ – This week, newly acquired St.Louis Cardinals outfielder Dexter Fowler voiced his opinion about the Trump Travel Ban. And like everyone with common fucking sense in the world, he disapproved of it. That didn’t sit well with Cardinals fans, who apparently are entitled to a political opinion but not others. Social media was blowing up and I saw some screen shots of what was being said on Facebook, about an American who has the same rights as everyone else to a political opinion. Here is what citizens in the “land of the free” had to say:


Fucked up, right?

I would love to rip each comment apart for either not making sense, being hypocritical or just being so fucking dumb that it made my head hurt, but I won’t. Although, one thing came up often in this thread and pisses me off to no end; the phrase “stick to baseball”….Why do people who have high profile jobs have to stick to their profession and shut up? Why don’t celebrities’ political opinions matter? Because they apparently live in a bubble? Coming from people of the fucking country that elected a reality TV star as their president who lives in such a bubble that he considers a loan of $1M to be ‘small’. Get The Fuck Out Of Here, you goddam neanderthals.

Just like every teacher, accountant, warehouse worker, CEO, homeless person, pro athlete, stripper, religious person (every religion) and low life who doesn’t pay their child support; everyone is entitled to their political opinion. Yours is not worth more than someone else’s and you should not dismiss someone else’s because you’re an uneducated coward and afraid of certain people or because they don’t have the same opinion as you.

I’ll stand by anyone, any day of the week who denounces hate and division. Just like I support America’s Most Hated Athlete Colin Kaepernik (the entire country got triggered from kneeling LOLOLOL), I’ll support Fowler as well. Athletes are entitled to political opinions as much as your dense brain may think they aren’t. Many grew up in the same lower/middle class households that many Americans currently live in. They’ve experienced a wide variety of social injustices across the spectrum and should not be silenced because you don’t agree with them. America, stop making yourselves look like jackasses, although I think you’re too stupid to care.

Also, fuck off to every reporter who fishes these athletes into these scenarios by asking these questions. You’re just looking for a story.



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